Becoming a Member

Yearly nomination for membership into the Black Achievers Society of Greater Kansas City is an honor for African Americans in business and industry. Members of the Black Achievers Society are African American professionals nominated by their employer, colleagues, and community members for their corporate leadership, significant accomplishments, community involvement and achievements.

Before Completing Nomination:

As the nominator, you are acknowledging the work and accomplishments of the nominee. Based on your recommendation, the nominee has shown evidence in which you can account.

Chronologically, as the process moves beyond recognition at the awards dinner into active membership, we ask that you consider the following questions prior to nomination:

  • Has the nominee expressed interest in being nominated? Informing the nominee prior to nomination may strengthen the nomination, acceptance, and selection process.
  • Has the nominee taken part in an organization of service/volunteering? Nominees who have not taken part in such capacities may require more background and operational information prior to nomination.
  • How will the nominee use their skill sets within the Black Achievers Society organization? This may show how the nominee envisions their future role as a member within the organization.
  • Do I have the necessary information needed to complete the nomination? You may consider requesting the 5 areas listed under “Nomination” directly from the nominee prior to completing the nomination form.


The Black Achievers Society annually acknowledges the work and talents of each nominee in hopes they will become an active and impactful member of the organization.

In order to do so, the nominee must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of the Greater Kansas City area.
  • Be nominated. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Show history of corporate/enterprise leadership, community activity/leadership, educational, and corporate/enterprise achievement through completed nomination form.
  • Be prepared to serve as an active Black Achiever Society member, for minimum 2 year term.
  • Be a first time honoree. Previous honorees are considered Black Achiever Society members, no longer eligible to receive nomination.


The nomination form is opened annually to businesses and community leaders in the Greater Kansas City area; requesting them to identify and nominate African Americans based on the criteria previously mentioned. Applications received after marked deadline and/or incomplete along with self-nominations will not be considered.

Use the 5 areas listed below to prepare information needed in completing the nomination form (see link below).

  1. Corporate Leadership – Give an objective overview of the candidate’s current position and its relative importance to the organization.
  2. Community Activities/Leadership – List candidate’s activities contributing to the betterment of the community, outside of company sponsored service work. Include specifics concerning the depth of involvement in each activity.
  3. Educational Achievement – List the candidate’s academic achievements (degrees, awards, honors). Include examples of the candidate sharing his/her academic expertise in areas external to the immediate corporate environment.
  4. Corporate Achievement – Give an objective overview of previous leadership position achievement and awards the candidate has received within the organization and length of service in present position.
  5. Corporate Statement – Is the nominee considered a leader, role model, or mentor for other employees in the organization ? How does this prospective honoree understand and embrace your company’s values and leadership competencies?

Formal Acceptance:

Once the completed nomination form is submitted; the nominee is given instructions to either formally accept or decline the nomination before moving forward to the selection committee. No answer is considered declining award acceptance.


A committee comprised of representatives from the Black Achievers Society and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) selects the Honorees from the formally accepted nominations; declined nominations will not be considered.

Honoree Notification:

If selected, the nominator and registration contact will be notified for attendance arrangements at awards dinner. The nominee will receive direction for participation during the awards dinner program.

Lastly, the honoree is formally recognized at the awards dinner and later inducted during the ceremonial annual meeting where membership into the BAS organization is officially activated.

>>> Black Achievers Society Award Nomination Form <<<

Deadline for 2021 nomination form was February 27, 2021 (midnight CST). Please check back as we look forward to opening nominations annually. For questions related to nomination, please contact us at

As A Member

With an annual induction, Black Achievers continues to grow in strength and numbers. In the past 40 years, approximately 500 professional African Americans have been recognized. In a city of 500,000 with a metropolitan population of more than 1 million, as a member, you have been identified as one of the vital few who can make a difference in our community.

As a member, we ask that you consider:

  • Attending bi-monthly meetings from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Having your company host a luncheon meeting at some point
  • After the first year, pay annual dues ($75)
  • Participating in community programs and support our youth
  • Supporting our annual fundraiser for scholarships
  • Serving on a committee